Different types of toolboxes

There are many different types of toolboxes to choose from when adding them to your work truck or van. See if any of the ones listed below seem like a good fit. Our sales team can help you with your decision if needed.

  • All-purpose chests sit below the bedrail accommodating tonneau covers and lids.
  • Cross Boxes allow access from either side of the truck with two independent locking covers.
  • Hi-Side Box these boxes offer quick access to valuable tools, equipment, and parts while keeping the truck bed open for supplies.
  • Saddle Boxes are the most popular truck storage option due to ease of installation, maximum bed clearance, and legendary durability.
  • Pork Chop Boxes make use of otherwise unutilized truck bed space above and behind the wheel wells.
  • Lo-Side Boxes mount over the bedrails of your truck and keep critical tools and parts at your fingertips.
  • The rugged Underbed Storage Boxes are designed for heavy-duty trucks and semis to keep larger, heavy items and tools secure yet easily accessible.
  • The topsider installs on a flatbed or mounts on top of the rails of a pickup to keep the bed free for other uses.
  • The underbody boxes can be used in single or multiple applications above or below the truck platform.
  • The chest toolboxes are designed to be mounted behind the bulkhead in a pickup truck.

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