Truck Tips

Here you can find some helpful tips for our Truck Bodies. Need more advice or help give us a call at 800-330-1229. You can also find more helpful articles on our Blog.

YWeikert 10.27.2014 1ear Long Tips

By cleaning your battery connections to your switches & motors on you dump bodies, lift gates & cranes will keep you from have an expensive break down in the field.
Mike Wool(Owner)

Spring Tips:

The growing season is now here. Are your truck and body ready to make money? Things to check: Have you serviced your dump body, does it go up and down? Are there any leaks in the hyd’s, is your fluid level correct? Have you greased your grease fittings on all your moving parts? Is your tarp in good shape? Does your body need and repairs or patch work? If you need our help please call or bring in so you are not down when you should be making money.
Mike Wool

mess 041414Winter Tips:

Spring is right around the corner and so is the grass growing season now is the time to make sure you have greased all your dump body grease zirks so your dump body works when it is needed.
Mike Wool

Hubbard 10.21.2014 1Fall Tips:

Landscape business will be slowing down soon and you may not be dumping your dump body as often by raising your bed a few inches at end of day this will let any water drain out so it doesn’t rust out your floor.
Mike Wool