Truck Tips

Here you can find some helpful tips for our Truck Bodies. Need more advice or help give us a call at 800-330-1229. 

Add extra shelves or racks to your van to keep your employees organized so you can service more customers per day. 

Check the alignment of body spacers and/or filler strips and tighten body mounting U-bolts upon initial delivery, and again after 30, 60 and 90 days of operation as well as every 15,000 miles. For continued maintenance you should do this at least once year after the first year. 

DO NOT operate a vehicle with the door in the open position as this will place additional load on the door track and roller assemblies which could possibly damage the door & void the warranty. 

Check regularly for fluid leaks from the cylinder, hoses, and all fittings.

Check the oil level in the reservoir periodically.

Lubricate the lift chains and pivot points with clean, high quality, non-detergent, petroleum-based oil. DOT NOT USE GREASE.

Operators need to ensure all parts of crane have been checked that they are in good working condition before lifts. By identifying any issues before a lift, you can prevent damage from occurring and avoid accidents. 

Inspect crane for leaks, including hoses.  Check the wire rope for frays or kinks that could pose a potential problem and look for hazards caused by defects in equipment due to wear and tear. 

Crane operators should understand their load and never perform a lift when they cannot see their load – Operators should be accomplished at understanding how much they are lifting.  

Year Long Tips

By cleaning your battery connections to your switches & motors on your dump bodies, lift gates & cranes you will avoid an expensive break down in the field.

Spring Tips:

The growing season is here. Are your truck and body ready to make money? Things to check: Have you serviced your dump body, does it go up and down? Are there any leaks in the hydraulics, is your fluid level correct? Have you greased the grease fittings on all moving parts? Is your tarp in good shape? Does your body need any repairs or patchwork? If you need our help please call or bring in so you are not down when you should be making money.

Make sure to keep your hoist and rear hinges greased on your dump body to keep in optimal performance. 

During the rainy Summer months you want to check your tarp, and tarp rollers regularly for wear, tear, or rust.

Winter Tips:

Spring is right around the corner and so is the grass growing season. Now is the time to make sure you have greased all your dump body grease zerks so your dump body works when it is needed.

Fall Tips:

Landscape business will be slowing down soon. You may notice that you are not dumping your dump body as often. Raise your bed a few inches at the end of each day let any water drain out so it doesn’t rust out your floor.

Check your tarp and tarp rollers regularly for damage. We can help you replace or repair your tarps and rollers.

Grease your hoist and rear hinges on your dump body to keep in optimal performance.